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Lawrence Preservation Alliance
Window Restoration

With rising energy costs and new legislation allowing for tax credits for energy upgrades for your home, there has been no better time than the present to upgrade your windows saving you from costly wasted energy. Before you do so consider your options carefully. There are many out there pushing new Low-E window replacements as your only alternative. We could not disagree more. NCR specializes in the repair and restoration of your existing windows, saving you approximately half the cost of replacements. Heres how;

* Replacement windows often mean expensive and costly siding and interior trim repairs. Thats great for your handymans pocketbook, as well as for the economy, but its completely un-necessary. Historic windows can be re-worked into energy saving units.
* Replacement windows are incredibly expensive to start with, and most manufacturers make their replacement windows in sizes not appropriate for the existing rough-openings in your home.
* You will never duplicate the look of your historic window sashes with a replacement window.
* Historic window hardware does not work on newer replacement windows, therefore making you new windows stand-out even more.

Using Marine epoxy technology and double insulated glass panels custom made to fit your exact needs, NCR can restore your historic or older single-pane windows to Low-E standards, saving you costly repairs. We also offer vinyl jamb liners so that if you wish to be rid of your energy-wasting rope and weight system, we can re-fit your older sashes to work in modern energy saving jambs, saving you thousands in new replacements and in energy costs.

If your Historic home has windows that are literally falling apart, we can repair those as well. As long as we can salvage a sample piece of the old window, we can build you a new sash, or an entire new window exactly matching the others in your home. Our craftsmen prefer to use Honduran Mahogany for all replacement parts as well as for entire window projects for its lifelong ability to resist rot and decay, we have also used historic lumber from our supply of historic timbers for a close match to your existing woodwork.