Dick Van Dyke’s Childhood Home

19th Century Restorations, led by Dan Riedemann has begun the process of restoration of Dick Van Dyke’s historical childhood home in Danville IL with Dick Van Dyke contributing to the process. Dick Van Dyke is going over blueprints and showing where furniture and other items were in the house. After the demolition work is completed they’ll get into the restoration of the house and the surrounding lot. In addition to the 19th Century Restoration crews they like to hire local workers to do everything they can to keep money in the community.

Dick Van Dyke’s career has spanned more then 60 years, on radio, on the stage, in television, and many beloved films. Dick Van Dyke made his film debut in 1963’s Bye Bye Birdie, starred in the classic films Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and will have a cameo in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns.

The News-Gazette