Jason Gaborie – Green Globe Insulation, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Dan Riedemann, of Nineteenth Century Restorations. I have been an insulation contractor for Dan since 2005 and worked on many projects with him.

Dan takes no shortcuts and always show’s attention to detail in his homes. Whether new construction or restoration, his homes are always completed with the upmost quality. His ability to take an old run don house and transform it into a beautiful home is remarkable.

Alongside his superior workmanship, Dan also has a true concern for the materials and sub-contractors being used on his jobs. He keeps long, trustworthy relationships with his sub-contractors. This ensures quality work is being performed on all levels. Perhaps my personal favorite is Dan’s preference to become as eco-friendly as possible. He will reuse material when possible. Or use recycled products in order to keep unnecessary stuff from going to the land fill. We are expected to make his homes as energy efficient as possible. Which of course not only saves energy usage but also reduces the home owners bills over the life of the home.

I have worked with many homebuilders and I am pleased to give Dan Riedemann my highest endorsement as a quality preservation contractor and homebuilder.

Jason Gaborie
Green Globe Insulation, Inc.

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