Muhammad Ali’s Childhood Home

They say that “Greatness comes from within.” Well…it also comes from Louisville, Kentucky, at least, that is, if you’re Muhammad Ali.

19th Century Restorations, led by Dan Riedemann is teaming up with a major network to preserve a significant place in boxing history, when it captures the restoration of Muhammad Ali’s childhood home in its season premiere (coming spring of 2015.)

The home is currently in disarray, but still stands on Grand Avenue in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Riedemann and his team will begin the restoration process in late October to bring the home back to its original form. The project will begin on the 40th Anniversary of Ali’s historical bout against George Foreman, the Rumble in the Jungle (October 30. 1974) and will lead up to a January unveiling to mark the 73rd birthday of “the Greatest.” The premiere episode will feature Muhammad Ali, his family, friends, former foes and boxing greats from his illustrious career as heavyweight champion of the world.

Dan Riedemann, the project coordinator/lead, and long-time boxing fan said the timing is perfect to honor a ring legend and iconic figure in American history.

“Muhammad Ali was an amazing athlete, but his impact on society and the world we live in reaches so far beyond the boxing ring, that it all takes on even that much more importance and is a legacy worth preserving…from where it all started.”

Ali and his family are closely involved with the restorers and are working with the shows’ producers to make this a moment in boxing and television history befitting of “the Greatest of All Time.”

The project organizers are working towards raising $250,000 to fund the restoration. To find it more details, lend support or be a part of restoring Muhammad Ali’s childhood home contact: